September 28, 2010 - ElecTRONica Lights Up Disney's California Adventure

Get on the Grid in California at ElecTRONica!

Each evening, electronic rhythms start pumping as the sun sets. Follow the beat to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot and enter a computer-generated landscape right out of the TRON: Legacy film opening nationwide on December 17, 2010. Once you've been digitized into the digital world, you'll pass under the towering Recognizer vehicle and into the Grid.

TRON world visitors are invited to dance to DJ-hosted electronic music, enjoy an eclectic mix of amazing live street entertainers, get their game on at Flynn's Arcade and check out an exclusive 3-D sneak peek of the new movie.

It's an electrifying way to amp up your Disney California Adventureā„¢ Park experience with even more Disney storytelling magic!


  • Check out a 3D sneak preview of TRON: Legacy.
  • See Program characters groove to the beats of Daft Punk and others, while digitally projected Light Cycles race by.
  • Play classic arcade games at Flynn's Arcade and preview the upcoming TRON: Evolution, the Video Game.
  • Try incandescent concoctions at the End of the Line bar.
  • Eclectic array of street performers, including laser and martial artists.