Measurements of time in the TRON world, originally associated with central processing unit (CPU) cycles of the mainframe computer used to create the digital universe.
To subject a Program to "deresolution" – essentially, to delete it.
Digital Frontier
A renowned book on computing, written by Kevin Flynn.
One of the world's premiere software and computer game companies, founded by Walter Gibbs then commandeered by Ed Dillinger, and later rescued and directed by Kevin Flynn. Alan Bradley has been attempting to protect the company since Kevin disappeared.
A generic term used by programs for the TRON world itself. Specifically, the "Grid" refers to grid-patterned surfaces governed by a variety of algorithms and rules in the Game Arena (often called the Game Grid) and beyond.
Grid Bugs
Spider-like construct programs that patrol the Grid and feed on broken bits of code.
Light Cycles (the game)
A video game created by Kevin Flynn.
Light Cycles (the vehicle)
Vehicles powered by a program's energy and generated from each program's baton – an incredibly high-tech multi-tool. Light Cycles are complex two-wheeled digital machines that are incredibly fast and maneuverable and come in a variety of models much like motorcycles do in the real world. Light Cycles generate light ribbons – near-indestructible barriers. These cycles never break, but derezz upon destruction, requiring the program to use more energy to create a new one from its baton. There is only one light cycle in the TRON system not powered by a program's energy – Kevin Flynn's original light cycle from the old Grid.
Light Ribbon
An impenetrable, temporary wall of light generated behind vehicles within the Grid, like Light Cycles, and is often used strategically in games to derezz opponents forced to crash into them. The light ribbon can be destroyed by incredible force, but if you're not that lucky, the only way to avoid them is around or straight up over it or waiting until the ribbon deactivates after a short time.
Matrix Blaster
A video game created by Kevin Flynn.
Programs (Standard)
Standard programs were intentionally created by a human user to perform a function, like accounting or security. In the TRON system, programs are most often humanoid and while they take commands from their users or programming, they are free to perform those functions as they choose. In earlier cycles, programs took on the physical qualities of their users and were essentially avatars. In the new TRON system, while the same principles are true, programs have developed in different ways.
Space Paranoids
A video game created by Kevin Flynn.
Tron, the program
A program created by Alan Bradley to monitor communications between the Master Control Program (MCP) and the outside world. Inside the Grid, Tron, the program, teams up with Kevin Flynn and Yori and succeeds in disabling the power-hungry MCP. In honor of his friend Alan Bradley and his Tron program, Kevin Flynn named the world he created after them.
TRON, the game
TRON, one of the most popular video games of all time, was created by Kevin Flynn.
According to most programs in the Grid, users are the entities who create programs and give them purpose – in other words, people. Until the arrival of Kevin Flynn, users were thought to be a rumor or myth.
Vice Squad
A video game created by Kevin Flynn.