June 15, 2010 - TRON Prequel Video Games Coming this Winter

At E3 in Los Angeles in June 2010, Disney Interactive Studios showed a range of video games based on the upcoming film TRON: Legacy.

The games, titled TRON: Evolution, are focused on an era of the storyline that is after the first TRON film in 1982 and leading up to the new one coming Dec. 17.

For Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC, the game is action-packed adventure using high-mobility combat and free-running – the art of acrobatics across architecture – with an immersive story that reveals the nature and dangers of the Grid. There is a dynamic system in place for light cycle games and plenty of harrowing battles that lead the player to the end game that is ultimately the beginning of TRON: Legacy, the movie. With TRON: Evolution available this winter, gamers can get a healthy insider’s look at the prequel story to the film releasing in December.