July 23, 2010 - ComiTRON is a Virtual Hit

At Comic-Con in San Diego from July 22 to 25, event-goers were treated to what is being termed ComiTRON - a healthy dose of the upcoming film TRON: Legacy – from the massive Recognizer vehicle at the booth and undeniably cool products to the cast-and-crew panel for the movie hosted by comedian and actor Patton Oswalt.

Last year at Comic-Con, fans were surprised by unexpected test footage for TRON: Legacy as well as the discovery of Flynn’s Arcade in downtown San Diego.

This year provided even more surprises as the Flynn Lives organization discovered a new location in San Diego and an exclusive 3D preview of the film was presented.

Stay tuned as we provide more details about the upcoming movie, the product lines due to launch this fall, the video games, and more. The journey to the Grid has just begun, Programs!