The Story

All TRON movies and stories take place in a digital world where computer programs – of any type – often take on behavior and characteristics of people. The world is filled with code that drives the actions of programs and defines all the rules and objects, like high-tech vehicles, landscapes, and architecture where programs live and work up to, and sometimes beyond, their programming.

There have been two digital realms. The first was created within ENCOM's mainframe where, in 1982, Kevin Flynn found himself after being digitized by a laser when the Master Control Program sensed his intrusion. In this world, programs physically looked like their users, or those who created them. While programs had specific functions, like accounting or security, they had the freedom to do their jobs in their own way. The Master Control Program stifled this system and instead of doing their functions, programs were often sent to the Game Grid. After Flynn and his allies removed the tyranny and corruption of the Master Control Program, the system flourished.

Based on all he'd learned in the first digital world, Kevin Flynn built a second, improved real he called the "TRON System" that was designed to develop and evolve far beyond the first. By perfecting digitization with a laser, and housing the new Grid on servers in the basement of his arcade, Flynn could enter and leave as often as he liked to foster and research his system. It was a brand new world capable of flourishing in unimaginable and astounding ways. And it did.

With a wife, and then with Sam, his son, Flynn found it harder and harder to make time for work and family — though he made it clear that he was onto something that would change the world. Then, one night in 1989, Flynn left for work and never came home.

While 28 years have passed in the real world, over 1000 years have passed in the TRON one. As one might expect, the passing of a century has allowed for innumerous events and historic moments. And now some of those stories will be told...